Movies on a plane

So I don’t think I’ll post about my North America trip today. Probably not. Maybe.

Anyway, on my long flight back home from New York, I watched tons of movies on the flight. I wanted to sleep but several babies sitting around me prevent me from entering dreamland.

The movies I’ve seen on my flight:

  • Her

I found Her really intriguing and something fresh that I’ve haven’t seen before. This is really rare as I’ve watched an absurd amount of films.. Even those indie films that I can’t get my hands (or eyes) in the cinema, the internet gets it for me. And especially those indie films.

  • 12 Years a Slave

Also, 12 Years a Slave is one of those films that deserves to be seen. It doesn’t matter if slavery is not something that you relate with, this is a film that will break your heart and move you (at least it did for me).

  • Dallas Buyer Club

Another reason why I think 2013 has been such a good year for film is Matthew McConaughey insane acting in the film Dallas Buyers Club. And Jared Leto steals every scene he(or she) is in.

  • The Best Offer

On a different note, The Best Offer is a movie that tried. I can tell that it had ambition but the end result left me wanting more (or less, in terms of complexity).

  • Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings is a film that requires you to have some background knowledge on the subject for you to appreciate the movie even more. It was about the earliest members of the Beat Generation (a group of American post-World War II writers). Personally, Dane Dehaan stole the show. He might be more familiar to most people as the Green Goblin in the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman 2. Before the big blockbuster, Dane was very much acting mostly independent films and doing a heck of a good job out of them. I predict big things for him.

  • Parts of The Lego Movie

Fun show.


@invincesible #letsgosomewhere epic night time.

Places I want to go

@The Museum of Modern Art

Art can be so abstract sometimes and I’ve always wished i had the ability to appreciate such artwork. Unfortunately, I can only try. 

So is this photo an artwork?

My extended trip to North America

I have always wanted to document my trips all over the world (so far) but I never had the discipline to follow through. Let’s hope that I will this time. Of course, this will all be subjected to what I can recall. Wish me luck!

First Stop: New York City

Skyline of the Manhattan from Central Park

P.S. Maybe I’ll try documenting down my backpacking trip across Europe as well. Maybe.

What do you see in this photo?

Reminds me of Lost! by Coldplay and idk why

(via oryo)

@ Yosemite National Park

One of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been. I’m glad I woke up before the break of dawn and took a stroll around before the waves of tourists start to stream in.

Random post but I felt like posting something on Tumblr anyways. I’ve actually done this a couple of times and created several other Tumblrs but I’ve never had the motivation to follow through so maybe this will be it? Maybe.